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Welcome to Speaking and Marketing Tips... My name is Rikki Arundel and my goal with this site is to provide you with tips and ideas I have learned from over 30 years as a Professional Speaker and PR & Marketing consultant.

Today we have to be canny about marketing and seek ways to reach our prospects and customers that don't cost a lot of money. If that is what you're searching for - you are in the right place.

If you have visited this site in the past you will notice that everything has changed - and will continue to change significantly. To be honest I have not done much with Speaking and Marketing Tips since 2006 and in the past 6 years the world of marketing has changed a lot. I think sometimes we don't realise just how much things have changed until we look back.

So I will be reviewing all the content and removing a lot that has become outdatred and replacing it with new approaches that reflect the changes particulary in electronic communications.

Why Public Speaking is important?

I became a speaker quite by accident. While at college in 1968/9 I was persuaded to join the Drama Course and ended up taking a full time drama course. I was not passionate enough about acting to take it any further and ended up in the insurance industry where I found myself in my first marketing job. Well to be honest it really was the early days of marketing - when no one even knew what the word meant.

Fortunately for me marketing and sales training were part of the same department and so I was encouraged to develop my skills in presenting and over the next few years I expanded my knowledge and skills in PR, Sales, Marketing, Training and Speaking.

Looking back I think one of the best Speaking and Marketing Tips I can give is that everyone who seeks a career in marketing should study drama. The acting skills I learned at college proved to be far more valuable in the long run than the economics and maths I had also studied.

It was also at this time that I realised how important Public Speaking was in sales and marketing. Throughout my career in the financial services industry I can say for certain that my skill in public speaking accounted for by far the largest proportion of my sales than any other sales marketing skills and was also the single most important skill in helping me to boost my career taking me in the space of 10 years to head of marketing for a major company.

So what you will learn here is how to use Public Speaking as a Marketing skill to promote yourself, your business and your products.

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Sales, Marketing, Advertising and PR

In the corproate world these four disciplines are all very different, but in the world of small business I find that they all get somewhat merged into one and the impact of the internet has been to accelerate that process.

When I started working in marketing it was a small part of the sales department. As people began to understand that marketing was really a way opf doing business that focused consumer needs rather than flogging products everything shifted until eventually sales became a department in the marketing department.

Throughout this site the Speaking and Marketing Tips I will be exploring will be drawn from all four disciplines that are all part of getting the message to your customers and inspiring them to buy from you.

Internet Marketing

I have always been fascinated by information technology and built my first web site in 1994. I wrote a book on how to make the most of the internet in 1998 and could not believe how out of date that has become when I read it again recently.

I will be reviewing a variety on Internet Marketing tools and services here reflecting in particular the shift towards tablets and smart phones.

Of course you don't have to have a web site to use the internet for marketing, though it helps. You will find a lot of Speaking and Marketing Tips employ online marketing ideas here. I don't mean necessarily internet marketing strategies, but ideas that any busines can use to drive visitors to your web site and therefore to your business.

Having been been involved with the Internet and helping people, especially small business owners, to use it more effectively for nearly 20 years and I am surprised at how many people are still not getting it and are missing the opportunities open to everyone.

Click Here to see how ordinary people of all ages from all around the world are creating profitable online businesses or using a web site like this to support an off line business. .

You don't need to be a tekkie to be successful using the internet, anyone can use it to support their existing business or to replace it provided they follow a few simple rules. If you exploreed the link above the case studies you have just been reading all use SBI! the same Success System I am using to create this web site.

Blogging and RSS

Before I say anything about Blogging watch this short video clip and hear from marketing guru Seth Godin and management guru Tom Peters on the subject

Blogging is so important to business you will find this is one of my top Speaking and Marketing Tips and I will be devoting a lot of space here to helping you to understand how to market your business with blogs - Here are the links to two my Blogs:

Speaking and Marketing Tips Blog

Rikki Arundel'sBlog

I am still very surprised at just how many small business owners really do not understand what blogging is about or why it should be of any interest to them. I will be providing some simple Speaking and Marketing Tips and support to help all small businesses get to grips with this new and important marketing strategy at RSS and Blogging.

You may have noticed the those little orange "RSS/XML" Buttons or the orange Feed symbol appearing on web sites and blogs and if you are still wondering what this is all about, you are not alone.

Below you will see a live link to my Speaking and Marketing Tips Blog - which I use now instead of a newsletter simply because it is so much easier to manage both for me and for it's readers. It took me just five minutes to publish that blog here and now every time I update my blog - this page is automatically updated.

Syndicating feeds is really easy to do and you will see examples of a number of RSS feeds that I publish throughout the site. Throughout the site you will find other live feeds published, not always in a box, Sometimes they are just listed, but this means that I now have other people automatically contributing content to my site keeping it fresh and current and at the same time other peple publish my blog feed on their blogs and sites because my content is useful for their visitors.

Article Marketing

I think Article Marketing is one strategy that has changed a little over the past few years. When I first wrote about this the strategy was to produce an article and submit is to hundreds or ebven thousands or article directories to create backlinks which improve search engine optimisation.

This is then further boosted by people taking your article and republishing it with your resource box containing back links to your site and further improving your web presence.

Two things have changed.

The first and most important is that Google is increasingly looking for unique content and there have been some recent anouncements about "Penguin" - which is a significant change to the Google algorithm which will further devalue content that is not unique and from what I read will be cleverer at finding articles that have been reworked with spinning software that produces a variety of similar articles from one original.

Essentially Google is getting better at discounting attempts to improve ranking by artificial means. They are happy if you do your best to optimise your web content using legitimate unique high quality content - but they don't like it if you try to automate the process creating pseudo original content.

The second change is that because of this shift by search engines, people are less inclined to republish articles that are available to all and sundry. Site owners and bloggers are themselves keen to have unique content. I recently tried to publish a reworked article on and had it rejected because it was not considered original enough.

So the way forward with article marketing will be to continue to write good original content. I used to write for most of the financial press years ago and found that I could usually create half a dozen unique articles from one basic article idea. Then it was more difficult to check for unique content. Today there is a lot of very good plagiarism checking software around which you can buy and use yourself to check for uniqueness.

You will then need to select a few high quality article directories and submit your unique content to each which will provide good backlinks to yiour site and help to drive quality traffic to your site. I will explore more Speaking and Marketing Tips for using article marketing on the Ezines and articles pages

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