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Transgender Awareness
A Missunderstood but Rich Niche Market

In my experience people tend to think of transvestites, transsexuals and crossdressers as a small minority or mend who dress as or live as women. Often we are looked upon as freaks or perverts or weirdos. Half the people I speak to at seminars have never met and spoken to a trans women - well "Not Knowingly," and that is part of the problem.

In this section of my web site I want to dispel some of the myths surrounding trains people and help you understand us better. I want to open up the possibility of considering us a rich and valuable niche market for your business. I want to convince you to that we have valuable insights and skills and that you should look seriously at employing and working with trans people.

There is a possiblity that you are already confused. I have used the terms transgender, transvestites, cross-dressers transsexuals, trans women, trans people all in the first three paragraphs. What do they all mean? Well unfortunately their really is no standard.

I am really not concerned here with whether someone has or has not has Gender Reassignment Surgery or takes hromones, who they sleep with, whether they wear exotic lingerie or what clubs they frequent. Unfortunately this is a media obsession, but really who cares. I am conserned with Gender Identity - the outward presentation of gender and to avoid getting into debates about labels (which are often all rejected by trans people anyway) from now on I will use the following terms:

Trans Women - to describe people who were born male bodied but live some or all of their life presenting a female gender.

Trans Men - to describe people who were born female bodied and live some or all of their life presenting a men gender.

Trans - as a generic term such as Trans people, Trans community or Trans market - to refer to the entire gender diverse community.

Transgender - as a generic term to describe the whole subject as in Transgender Awareness - I still use this because trans is not yet fully accepted and most people have a sence of what transgender means.

If you would like to know more about the terms and differences I have created a Squidoo Lens on Trans History which I do recommend you visit - Here I will be looking more at marketing to and woprking with trans people - the lens is a colourful exploration of Trans History.

Trans History Squidoo Lens

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