What People Say About Rikki

I love receiving testimonials - they confirm that what I am doing it working and that my stories and messages are having a positive impact. Of course if you are looking for a great speaker,. testimonials say far better tha than I can what you can expect if you book me.

What are Rikki's Clients Saying

"It was obvious that everyone enjoyed your presentation and the way you put the message across. It was great fun and truly inspirational all at the same time, and what is more, you really are "simply the best". A great way to end the year. Rikki, we hope you will come back again one day - thank you once again."
Maggi Galloway, Events Manager Swindon Chamber, Women Today Group.

"Outstanding, couldn't have asked for a better speaker to end the conference, had everyone on their feet, wouldn't hesitate to ask her to speak at another conference, a guaranteed winner (and I'll never look at powerpoint in the same way again, story telling here I came!)"
Dawn Roberts, Chartered Management Institute

"It would be fair to say that Rikki was one of the most memorable Breakfast Club speakers we have had in our eleven year history. She gave an excellent presentation about ............... giving excellent presentations. Whether you were a male or a female, Rikki's presentation was absolutely fabulous. Using PowerPoint will never be the same again!"
Banbury Business Breakfast Club Newsletter.

"You gave us so much information about a subject which had been shrouded in mystery for most of us and opened our eyes to the huge challenges faced by so many people in the community...it was a day of discovery and I came away with a huge desire to help, not only through my work as an image consultant, but also by providing support and friendship. I hope you won’t mind me contacting you again in the future for further advice!"
Frances Boddington, Federation of Image Consultants

"We have now done some analysis of the questionnaires from the national conference... With nearly 95% of delegates rating your session as either excellent or good, we were delighted with the positive responses we got..."
Mary James, Everywomen.com

"Your presentation was incredibly entertaining and informative to our members who are all leaders in their particular business fields. In fact Business Link of which I am also Board Director reported back to me... that at no other event had they had as many attendees giving such incredibly positive feedback on a trainer."
Irene McLaughlin, Chairwoman HERS

"We were all delighted with the evening and I have personally received very favourable comments from my colleagues and guests across London"
Chris Graham, Marketing Director, Business Link London

"Many thanks for your outstanding contribution at our annual meeting. The key figures at any MDRT Annual Meeting are our speakers. It is they who draw the audience and hold their attention. You succeeded in doing both."
Walter G Schnee III, President MDRT

"Your dynamic and professional approach was both captivating and informative and you have the ability for making the technology minefield seem like a bed of roses. I know I speak for the whole group when I say that your presentation proved to be one of the highlights of the afternoon."
Sheila Jackson, Business Development Manager, Wella

"Your input was enriching and inspiring and we hope to have you back here in Malaysia again in our future conferences."
Ethan Heong, Organising Chairman NAMULIA

"Your performance at the recent Effective Sales Management seminar was truly outstanding. That the event exceeded my expectations is less significant than the comments on the delegate feedback forms. ...you received the top rating of all the presenters..."
Don Hales, Event Director Quest Media

What the Audience Say about Rikki

"What can one say about Rikki Arundel, humorous, warm and exceptional. At the end of her talk I wanted to throw my arms around her and tell her brilliant she was, for daring to truly be herself."
Maggie Pedder

"Thank you for your amazing speech... It made me laugh, shed a tear, and think. And it's made me look forward to delivering a speech next month that I've been dreading. I'm actually excited by the thought of giving it a go: something that has *never* happened to me before in my working life... "
Anita Holford, Writing Services

"She gave an outstanding talk to us last night designed to empower women to achieve their full potential. The content was practical and informative but the way Rikki delivered it made it really inspirational! This lady would be of definite interest to other women in business. "
Danielle Fagot, MLIA (Dip)

"I just had to email to say thank you for your wonderful, inspirational presentation... We talked of nothing else all the way home - and much of today! I've been asked to speak to a group in March and had been wondering what to do - now you've fired me up with your PEPP talk. You're an absolute tonic. "
Carol Arthur

"Having met Rikki at the 2004 Everywoman awards and again at the Networking expo (March 2005), I must admit to being completely smitten by her dynamism. A master speaker, presenter and performer. A pleasure to watch and listen to."
Sandra Powers, Blueprint Intelligence UK Ltd

"Rikki's such an entertaining speaker, and such a big personality, that you might be forgiven for missing the importance and wisdom of some of the things she's saying. Yet the more I've thought about what she has to say about the differences between men and women, the more I've been struck by its importance and relevance to some of the biggest challenges we face in 2005."
Patrick Moore, Make Poverty History

What Professional Speakers Say about Rikki

"Here was a woman who used to be a man speaking to me about courage and change. Her message was powerful and her delivery was polished, professional and pertinent. Rikki is an experienced speaker. She is both funny and dramatic without being melodramatic. Her message about change is wonderful and her performance that day touched me and inspired me."
Doug Stevenson - Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Coach

"If change is challenging your organisation, get Rikki Arundel to tell you what real change is all about. Rikki's own experiences in dealing with dramatic life changes are converted from her considerable experience into key skills any individual or organisation can apply to the changes that we all have to work with. A great presenter and a great presentation."
Lesley Morrissey,Inside News

"Much of our success in life will be determined by our ability to communicate. To communicate more successfully listen to Rikki and you'll learn a lot - I did."
Chris Moon, Motivational Speaker, Author of "One Step Beyond"

"Rikki is a truly inspiring person and her presentations and presentation style always reflect her natural positive personality. Rikki is one of those people who every time you meet her you feel like you've learned something! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rikki as a speaker or coach - she's great."
Lesley Everett, Personal, L E Consultants Ltd

"Rikki Arundel has been a shining light in the speaking business in Europe for a number of years. I have shared a platform with her on a number of occasions and she never ceases to stir her audience emotionally, even when speaking about subjects like Technology - no mean feat!"
Marie Mosely, Business Psychologist

"Rikki is a truly insightful, senstive and supportive advisor and coach to professional speakers. Her advice to me has been invaluable as I launch myself on the professional speaking circuit."
Rohit Talwar,Fast Future

"....I was completely mesmerised and could tell everyone else in the room was too... and your sense of comic timing is terrific... which is why you brought the house down... I reckon I'm a pretty hot speaker myself but I learnt several things from you that day. So thanks."
Jayne Wenham-Jones, Author and Speaker

"...you have amazing stories to tell about starting all over again and how you have succeeded each time. My setbacks now look tiny in comparison and I have no excuses for not defeating them after listening to you. You are an excellent speaker: engaging, warm, honest and inspiring - and very funny. It's always great to see a professional speaker at work, but even better to hear a message that works."
Ann Baldwin, Past Chair of the Comedy Writers'Association UK

"I have seen you speak on several occasions, so I know what a professional you are. Your presentation last week however, was on another level. Your subject matter was informative, thought provoking and entertaining - all at the same time! Without doubt this was the best I've heard for a long time."
Patrick Tansey, Motivational Humorist

"It was great to see you again yesterday after encountering you at The Salon. It was a fantastic day and your piece was really inspiring. You've (obviously) always been a bit of an icon at the PSA but getting closer to your authentic self has given your work an amazing and unique quality..."
Kit Hammond, Professional Speaker

"...your preparedness to make yourself vulnerable in order to get in touch with the audience, did the trick. And all the while delivered with your usual bravura performance, excellent acting, story telling, audience involvement, and humour - bags of it. Your story acts as a wonderful metaphor to inspire others to make the changes necessary in their own life to reach their own goals..."
Dr Lily M Segerman-Peck, Mentor, writer, consultant in career management

"Thank you for the session you did on Saturday which was very good indeed. I think that starting over has given you a new perspective ... In business we need to be able to re-invent ourselves (maybe not as dramatically as you have) and unless we do so then we will not survive. You have a lot to share about re-inventing yourself and I hope you will continue to do so and share your knowledge with us all."
Paul Bridle, PSA President 2003

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