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Do you recognise any of these icons? I am sure that like most people you have been seeing more and more of them and others on various sites and blogs. Click on any one of the icons and it will open a window where you can save the details of this page to that social bookmarking service.

So what is Social Bookmarking and why is it so important today in promoting our businesses, our web sites and our blogs? In this and the following pages I will be exploring the answer to that question and outlining some strategies for managing the ever increasing number of social bookmark sites.

If you want to better understand how social bookmarking works - read on. If you are familiar with Social Bookmarking but want to know how to use it as a powerful marketing strategy for driving traffic to your web site:

Link to be added soon

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking refers to web based applications that enable us to store bookmarks online instead of in our favourites or bookmarks on our computers. The immediate advantage of this is that we can access our bookmarked sites from any computer - even a mobile phone.

However bookmarks also have a distinct advantage over search engine results. Searching the internet with a search engine, no matter how good, means that the information is selected by computer software that attempts to determine meaning.

A list of bookmarks is the result of human action, we filter the sites we view and list links only to those sites that provide value. So if you share some of my interests you will problaly find it of value to access my bookmarks list rather than using a search engine. Social bookmark sites enable you make any link public or private so that we can make a selection of our bookmarks available to each other.

In order to sort and fliter bookmarks on a social bookmarking site they are Grouped under broad subjects or are coded using Tags - words or phrases which help us to find the link later and other sites we have bookmarked that have the same tag.

Some social bookmarking sites use both tags and groups or a means of bundling tags. I have reviewed 15 social bookmark sites that are all linked to the OnlyWire site. As you will see some of the newer sites are now introducing an increasing range of collaborative tools and developing a unique focus for their site.

Tags are similar to Keywords but at the same time different. When we create keywords for a web page we are really trying to match words or phrases people will be using to search for information and create a density of keywords on the page that will improve our chances of a good search engine placing.

Tags are usually "single" words that categorise the site and enable us to find all the links related to the same Tag in the future. But rather than me describe this - it would be better if you had a look at a site to get the idea. - The Leading Social Bookmark Site

Social bookmarking sites first appeared about 10 years ago but did not seriously become popular until quite recently, in particular with the launch of in 2003. I came across this site about a year ago and have just imported all 4000+ bookmarks I have accumulated over the past 10 years.

One tip if you are planning to import Bookmarks - Sort your bookmarks first. It is a lot easer to delete and manage bookmarks on your computer if there are a lot of them accumulated over a long period of time.

So lets have a look Click on the link below and it will open in a new browser where you can view my public bookmarks. When you import bookmarks they are stored as private and I am still sorting though them. Some, such as paid membership sites and financial sites will always remain private.

Coming shortly.

However I soon discovered that I can syndicate my links in a web page - that is that I can place a small piece of code provided by into a web page and it will display my most recent public bookmarks as you can see below.

Social Bookmarketing and Site Popularity

There are a number of other important advantage for businesses. First social bookmarking sites are attracting a lor of regualar users and high traffic which means that information on them tens to get better positioning on web sites. It would not be unusual for your sie reference ona social bookmark site to get a better posotioning than your own site.

Furthermore links to your own web site or blog when posted to a social bookmarking site create backlinks to your site. Search engines value inbound links to your site because they are an indication of the popularity of a site increasing your own search engine positioning. Thise links are also likely to be seen by other social bookmarkers and especially our own contacts who may add them to their bookmarks file increasing the popularity of your site.

Making Social Bookmarking an Effective Web Promotion Strategy

There are three things you need to do to make the most of social bookmarking:

1. Tag your web site, blog, squidoo lenses, social networking sites and any other web presence you have on as many social bookmark sites as you can.

2. Encourage visitors to your sites to add them to their social bookmarks.

3. Network with other social bookmarkers and collaberate with each other to promote your sites.

Doing this by individually tagging links to a lot of bookmarket sites was impractical - also setting up links for people to click to add my site to their bookmarks meant having a page full of icons.

Just so that you get the idea - click on the link below. It will take you to a page where you can select from a wide range of social bookmark sites. By all means click a link if you have an account with one of the sites listed - but when you have finished - click the back button to come back here.

See the problem? I use Socialiser because if anyone visiting my sites uses just one or two social bookmarketing sites - this is a much easier way to handle encouraging them to save the link. However I have recently come across a much better approach that handles 15 bookmarking in less than the time it was taking me to deal with one.

OnlyWire - Multiple Social Bookmarking

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