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All the sites listed in this Links Section of Speaking and Marketing Tips are participating in our Link Exchange Programme. I have personally checked out each site and feel comfortable with their offering, however listing them here does not in any way constitute a recommendation. They are great sites but I have not necessarily bought or used their products.

Please note that the format of this page will change regularly as the number of links increases - I will be creating a directory with separate pages for each section related sites. The actual format will be determined by who links up.

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Public Speaking Tips

Advanced Public Speaking Institute

Over 120 free articles on professional level speaking skills.

Professional Public Speaking Tips

Learn how to turn your knowledge into cash either part time or full time in the lucrative speaking and training market.

Public Speaking Tips

Free Ezine on advanced public speaking and presentations skills.

Professional Speakers

Public Speaking with Tom Antion

Tom Antion is a fun and exciting keynote speaker and seminar leader who would be a great opener or closer for your corporate or association meeting. He is an established expert on Internet marketing for small business. He's not just giving a book report. Tom makes loads of money on the Internet and he can show any small business owner how the Internet can work for their business. Tom is the author of numerous books, and tapes that help small business.

Brendan Power - Delivering Results Consistently

Brendan Power is an Irishman whose talks are a long way from Blarney - they are packed with power and practical content. Recognised as one of Europe's leading motivational speakers, Brendan adds real value to conferences and meetings around the world.

Internet Marketing

ON-LINE MARKETING RESOURCE CENTER... Profit Producing Tools For Internet Marketers

A great resource site for online marketing - but also the home of the Article Marketing Network so there is a strong focus on tools, tips and resources for article marketing.

Internet Marketing Tips

Learn how to make money on the Internet while sitting at home on your rear end. Don't let the funny name fool you. You'll learn techniques that work for small business in the real world by someone who actually does it.

Internet Marketing Tips

Top notch membership site revealing little known Internet techniques that really work.

Health, Well Being and Beauty

Anti Aging Tips

Great site promoting natural products and tips to encourage easy Anti Aging, including the unique Beauty Pillow which prevents wrinkles and damage to hair while you sleep.

Audio Visual Suppliers

Royalty Free Music Library

Royalty Free Music Library with high-quality music tracks, music loops and sounds for the multimedia, broadcast and computer games industry. Instant Preview, Purchase and Download. Great site for speakers looking for music for showreels, web sites and podcasts.

General Links

The following are reciprocal links to sites where I have looked at the site but have not used the service, therefore these are site referrals not recommendations. Please ensure that you do your due diligence and if you have any problems with any of the sites or services please do let me know.

oratz - The Oratz is new concept that was developed by a leader in this industry after Dave M. Oratz. The oratz tries to take all the principles of work ethics and derrive a working formula used to better achieve a higher ROI on work

New Mover Direct Mail Services
We provide you direct mail marketing service, that is not only convenient, but incredibly affordable too. By using a direct marketing program to welcome new movers (also known as new residents) and invite them to your company, you can generate a steady stream of new customers and really grow your business.

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