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Whether you are terrified of public speaking or just want to be more effective in presenting your business propositions, you have come to the right place. The focus of this site is on developing your networking and marketing communication skills, on how to get results and how to get prospective customers to remember you and what you do.

Because so many people have a fear of public speaking, those who can do it immediately gain a marketing and business advantage, and those who are outstanding, become leaders in whatever they do. It's time you joined them.

How to Write and Deliver an Outstanding Speech

As a professional speaker I attend a lot of conferences and meetings and therefore I get to listen to a lot of speeches. Unfortunately for me 90% of the speeches I hear are grim. I cannot understand why anyone wanting to promote their company or products would not want to make sure that when they stand up to represent their company they were outstanding. And frankly that is not very difficult.

To be outstanding all you need to do is stand out from the crowd - be better than the 90% of speeches that are poor. And that is the aim of this part of the web site - to provide you with a few tips to enable you deliver a competent and well structured speech and stand out from the crowd.

The video below is a short 7 minute edited version of a 45 minute keynote presentation. We cut out a lot of examples and exercises to bring you the key elements of an outstanding speech. You may also want to read the articles below, especially the first one on How to Write and Deliver and Outstanding Speech.

Public Speaking Articles by Rikki Arundel

The following articles are published on If you would like to publish any of these articles yourself you may do so subject to a few conditions. Follow the link at the end of each article to find out the details.

How to Write and Deliver an Outstanding Speech

Why are so many business presentations so utterly boring and ineffective today? This article Rikki Arundel will explain what makes an outstanding speech, why so few meet that definition, and how you can make sure that your next speech is truly "Outstanding."

Getting the Room Set-Up Right

How the room is arranged can make or break your seminar or meeting so here are a few tips from Rikki Arundel on how to be more creative.

10 Steps to Avoid PowerPoint Becoming a Deadly Virus

PowerPoint can destroy a great speech, or prevent a great speech every being created. Profession Speaker Rikki Arundel highlights the dangers or using PowerPoint and provides 10 great tips to avoid them and keep your audience awake.

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Apart from the distressing physical reactions to extreme stress, fear of public speaking can destroy people's careers and permanently damage their self esteem. The key to overcoming this debilitating fear lies not in the preparation and delivery but in the content of the speech.

From Trainer to Speaker – A world of difference

A lot professional speakers come from a background in training, it’s a natural route, but there are more differences than similarities between the two. Professional Speaker Rikki Arundel has made the transition and demonstrates that each discipline requires us to master entirely different skills.

Experts who Speak about Speaking

As an International Professional Speaker I get to meet and work with some fo the top speakers in the world and fortunately some of them are great writers also. I will be featuring here some of the best articles I can find from some of the best speakers.

How to Present Your Proposal at an Executive Meeting

Patricia Fripp left Dorset in the UK for San Francisco at the age of 17 to work as a hairdresser. Today she is one of the top professional speakers in the world, the first woman elected president of the National Speakers Association and with more awards than I can count.

Special Delivery! Tips for Improving Your Humor

Tom Antion is a speaker who really walks his talk. I have learned more about internet marketing and turning information into a business from Tom than any other single speaker I have worked with. He is also a very funny speaker which is why picked this this article.

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