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Yes! It is literally that simple - click on the link - add your tags and notes - modify the title and url if necessary, click submit and your site link will be added to up to 15 social bookmark sites. I say up to 15 because, as you will see, there are a few that I don't recommend, while there are other that you might want to explore more to use the additional tools they offer.

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The OnlyWire Social Bookmarking Sites Reviewed

Most of the sites can import your entire bookmark list from your browser, and many can also import your and Furl bookmarks which saves a lot of time. Usually if you import your bookmarks from your browser they are set to private and you need to check them individually and decide if you want them public or if your want them there at all. I recommend that you keep financial and paid membership sites private for obvious reasons.

All Social bookmarking sites provide a number of tools to facilitate one click tagging, although Internet Explorer users may find the tools more limited - Firefox is much better designed for Web 2.0 tools. I strongly recommend that you switch to Firefox anyway - I switched a couple of years ago and find IE very limiting now. Most also provide code to put on your web site and blog to encourage people to bookmark - however I strongly recommend that you use OnlyWire or Socializer or both which support multiple social bookmarking sites.


All links are categorised in folders similar to bookmarks and favourites rather than with tags - this makes it more familiar but if you want a link in multiple folders you seem to have to submit it again for each folder. Also provides alphabetical listing which a lot of other sites do not offer. In all I found it too time consuming to use independently and has 200 character limit on notes that is a bit limiting.

Blinklist *****

I like this site - it is very clean and crisp looking with easy navigation and provided thumbnails of most of the sites listed One nice feature about blink is the personal Tag Cloud which you can post on your web site or blog - A tag cloud shows your tags in different sizes depending on how often you use the tag. Another good feature is BlinkSpace which enables collaborative groups like a class in school or a club to share research. This is a site I will use for group projects.


I don't think this site works with OnlyWire - none of the links I have submitted are listed and it seems to require a three step process for each link, though when I tried to do that it crashed my browser as a result I would not recommend registering with it. I also found the site confusing to follow. It seems to have a focus towards creating discussion about web sites and probably attracts people wanting the same. *****

This is the leading site and most social bookmarkers almost certainly use it as well as others. Not the most attractive to look at and follow and if you don't know that all the tools are under Settings you can spend a while finding your way around. If you are looking to find shared links you will find them here. Due to its dominant position it is worth making the most of


This is another site that does not work properly with OnlyWire - all the tags seem to be merged into a single entry and although they can be retagged it is easier to simply re save all the links using their tools - as a result I have abandoned the site as it does not offer enough benefit to use it on its own and until the problems are fixed I would not recommend registering with it.


Furl is another site that has been around a while and seems to be on a par with The difference is that Furl does not use tags and all links need to be assigned or copied to groups in the same way that bookmarks and favourites are managed. However this loses the benefit of tags and means that all links are assigned by OnlyWire to a general group by default and need to be re-organised manually. Unlike most social bookmarking sites, Furl also seems to favour Internet explorer as a browser of choice with regard to its tools.


A similar site to delicious but less robust. There are some small layout problems on the site which make it look a little ragged and unprofessional and I found it very slow to use taking at least 10 seconds to refresh any page. It works well with OnlyWire as a basic social bookmarking site but is not a site I would use as more than as a repository for links because others offer far greater benefits.


A new site still in beta when I reviewed it and although it can receive tags imported from has not received them when I submitted the link though OnlyWire. Apart from that the links were OK and I did import from to check out the site as a stand along social bookmarking site. XXXXX

Magnolia *****

This is probably my favourite of all the social bookmarking sites. It has a wonderful look and feel and combines the best of all features employing both tags and groups in a way that encourages interaction and collaboration. They also have an extremely flexible RSS feed generator which means that I can create a feed based on specific tags or groups. Definitely a site to look at in more detail.


Maple describes itself as an online bookmarks manager and essentially this is what it does. The tools for interaction are limited and I found the navigation a little confusing although it is very fast and works well with OnlyWire. I shall leave this one as a repository because it offers nothing extra beyond the basics.


This site doesn't work well with OnlyWire - as with FeedmeLinks all the tags for each link were merged as one long tag - they can be separated by adding commas but that loses the benefit of submitting to a group or sites - It also sets the links as private and does not show the description unless you view a single bookmark. Overall the problems with this site outweigh its benefits.





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