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I also have a rule for my business: I only do business with people I like.

That may sound idealistic but it means that one of the great things about my work as a speaker and trainer is that I get to work with such lovely people. Speaking is not a one way activity, the success of a keynote presentation or seminar depends significantly on the response of the audience - it a mutual partnership between the speaker and her audience.

Many of my clients are women in business groups or organisations that work with women in business, but not exclusively and I do speak to mixed even all male audiences though most of my speeches and seminars do have a fairly strong gender and equality slant.

We are undergoing one of the most significant social changes in recorded history - GenderShift. We are all going to have to learn how to work in a new world where women demand to be treated equally and fairly and failure to respond to that demand will make survival very difficult.

Below is a growing list of my clients, all of whom I strongly recommend so do please take a few moments to check them out.

Life Coaching and Training from Barefoot Coaching

Kim Morgan of Barefoot Coaching has over 15 years experience coaching individuals and organisations to make the best of themselves, achieve their potential and overcome doubt and indecision. She is a specialist in relationships, self-esteem and confidence building. Her Life Coach Training programme is first and only course in the country accredited by National Council of Psychotherapists and leading to a University Qualification of Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching (PGCert Coaching). Rikki conducted her one day Presentation Skills workshop for 30 life coaches at the launch of their CPD programme.


Founded by Karen Gill and Maxine Benson everywoman was the first site for women to launch in the UK with a vision to build a place that offered women the resources they needed in order to make a more informed decision, be it about their business, family, finances or their health. Today they are the leading provider of valuable, practical and relevant services to support women in business and a forum where women can share experiences, offer support and build business contacts. Rikki has been a keynote speaker at a number of their Grow Your own Business conferences and conducts regular one day open workshops.

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