Why Link Exchange is Important

Link exchange is a crucially important strategy for all internet business owners. Internet marketing research shows that most people visit web sites by clicking on links from other sites, so it really makes a lot of sense to exchange links with other site owners. This section of my web site is designed purely to facilitate Link Exchanges, a straight forward like for like exchange. You place a link to my site on your site and I’ll place a link of the same style to your site on mine.

I am not going to limit the number link exchanges, but I do reserve the right not to link to you if your site carries material I consider likely to damage my business reputation and be considered offensive to visitors to my site - you know the kind of things; overt sexuality, violence, illegal activities, extremist politics etc.

I am organising the links in categories that may change as the list grows, however one of the most important reasons for link exchange is not the human interface, it’s the search engines many of which take account of the number of both the outgoing and incoming links in assessing the popularity of the site. The more links you have, the more popular your site and the better your position in the search engines rankings.

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Link Exchange Web Sites

How the Link Exchange Works

Search engines are changing all the time and its no good now just putting the url (web site address) into a list now, it has to be linked to keywords, the keywords we want our sites to be picked up under. My domain name "www.SpeakingandMarketingTips" already contains keywords, but I also want to link my site to the keywords "Small Business Marketing Strategies" - By combining them I get the best of both worlds.

You may also have noticed that sometimes when you hover over a link a title box pops up for a few seconds. Using this has two advantages. First it enable you to display additional information and second if you use keywords they further improve the ranking of the link with search engines, so I have included them in the html code.

Search engines are also looking for content so I prefer you to give me a small amount of promotional copy with your link exchange, which is also more human friendly as well. If you are happy to display the 60 word paragraph of promotional copy with my link then I will be happy to reciprocate. My copy includes a small incentive just in case anyone does look at the links to encourage them to visit me - feel free to do the same, but please limit the promotional copy to a maximum of 80 words and only one additional hyperlink.

What do you Need to do?

If it's all begininign to sound a bit complicated, in practice it's not because it really depends on how much you do yourself.

  1. If your web site is managed by a webmaster send them the address of this page and ask them to do it.
  2. If you do it, but HTML makes your nervous, I have written it all for you - all you have to do is literally copy it and paste it into the page where you want it.

You can see below how the links will look, first if you just want the hypertext link with the keywords and second if you are happy to display the promotional copy. Below each is a small text box containing the HTML code to create that. Just copy everything from the appropriate text box and paste it into your web site editor on the page where you want it displayed.

Link Exchange Only

Small Business Marketing Strategies from Rikki Arundel

Link Exchange with promotional copy

Small Business Marketing Strategies from Rikki Arundel

Rikki Arundel is an international keynote speaker, trainer and writer and an expert in sales and marketing communications with an impressive track record, especially in seminar selling. Her site is packed with tips to help you and your small business to Get Attention and Be Remembered including a free ebook, How to Get Customer Queuing up to Buy

Creating your Reciprocol Links

I have had a few people asking me for help in creating the html for their link. Actually I had to get help to create this page, but I was so pleased when I completed it, and it's really quite easy when you have the template. Simply copy the html code from the appropriate text box below and replace the guide text with your own.

Link Exchange Only

Link Exchange and Promotional Copy

Replace the domain name with the exact url you want to refer people to. If it is a specific page, add /pagename.htm(l) It must be the exact name of the page - best thing is to go to the page and copy the address from your browser address bar. Then replace the text with the exact name you want displayed in the links page - remember it’s best to use good site keywords - see How to Get Customer Queuing up to Buy for tips on selecting keywords.

When you copy this text, don't use Microsoft Word to edit the text because it will automatically add hypertext links to urls, which you don't want. I suggest you use WordPad or NotePad - which are in your accessories file in Windows - or click send mail in outlook or outlook express, and set the Format to Plain Text - paste and then edit away.

If you have any problems email me at Rikki@arundel.com

Putting a Text Box on your Web Site

If you would like to encourage link exchanges on your web site you might be wondering how I did the little text box - Well I have to confess it's a new trick I have just learned and so I am happy to share it.

Below is the exact html code I used to create the text box above - You can change the number of "rows" or "columns" to fit your page simply by changing the numbers appropriately. Obviously you will need to make sure that it also contains the edited copy you want used for your link.

Hope thats all clear and I look forward to Link Exchanging with you.

Check out who has already Link Exchanged with us.

Link Exchange Web Sites

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