Using Link Exchange Directories to promote your Web Site

Whilst you may get a number of offers to Link Exchange from visitors and ezine subscribers, this strategy is so important its worth being more proactive with it. There are a growing number of directories now which simply promote link exchange and where you can register your site and attract a growing number of good link exchange proposals.

Remember the search engines like links to sites that use similar keywords to your own so do make sure that you do your keyword research. Most of the sites listed here will not allow more than 12 words and as you will almost certainly be using a number of keyword phrases containing two or three words you need to focus. The search engines are ranking sites on the basis of the closest fit to the keyword search term.

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If you have been directed here from a Link Exchange directory or would like to link exchange with us, we have set up a Link Exchange page which explains clearly how to link with us. Follow the link below and we look forward to hearing from you.

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A new site so not many subscribers yet but this link exchange directory checks that you have a recipricol link in place before it will authorise your link. You complete the registration, then copy and paste their text or button code into your site. Then return and click on a link for them to check the code is in place and they activate your account.


Well established directory with over 300 entries in the busienss section - their categories could be more useful and I may suggest some additions. They request the following link be placed on your site and direct people to that page address - so bear that in mind with the page content.

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Quality directory of websites looking for link exchange. Improve your search engine rankings and link popularity the easy way. Work clever not hard!