Using Ezines and Articles to Promote your Business

Some time in August 2005 I came across a web site called This site is a directory of articles which anyone is free to publish on their web site, in their ezines or in printed newsletters or magazines, without further permission, subject to a few simple conditions

  1. The article must be published in its entirety - you can't just take bits out and use them.
  2. The article cannot be edited in any way.
  3. The Authors Resource Box, essentially a short promotional paragraph with importantly live links to the author's web site, must be printed at the end of the article.
Discovering this web site has completely opened my eyes to a means of publicising a business that I knew about and had used extensively in the past but had dramatically failed to keep up with.

I am a PR consultant and journalist. I have had over 600 articles published in the past 10 years or so in a variety of magazines, often for good writing fees, but also purely to get PR exposure. I had simply missed the total explosion that has taken place on the internet, and the massive opportunities that it has brought with it. Sometimes you just "can't see the wood for the trees."

During the past year I have been steadily learning more about Article Marketing and believe me there is a lot to learn - but you don't need much to get started.

  • Step 1. Write a good article - about 700 words.
  • Step 2. Register at an Article Directory.
  • Step 3. Submit your article.
By publishing an article on a directory you immediately create a link back to your web site and search engines like that. If someone decides to publish your article in their ezine, blog or web site that creates another link and the more links back to your site the more popular the search engines will consider your site to be.

To be really successful you need to publish lots of articles and publish them on lots of directories. You also need to make sure that you are writing articles that will be both popular with publishers and full of the right keywords so that the search engines begins to associate you with them. Now that starts to sound like a lot of work - but its not if you just do a little every week - until eventually you have a huge internet presence.

The important thing is that I am going to help you get the process started and show you how to make the job as quick and easy as possible. And the first step is to have a quick look at an Article Directory and see what they are all about.

ArticlesBiz Article Directory

Just click on the image above and my Article Directory will open in a new window. I recommend that you sign in and have a look at some article and information on the site.

The second thing I recommend is that you read the following article.

Ezine Article Template

If you follow this template when writing your articles you will save hours submitting your articles to the ezine article directories, they will be more likely to be picked up by publishers and they will be search engine optimised ensuring maximum traffic to your web site.

All the resources here are designed to help get your going on the path to researching how to get your articles published. Please remember that I am travelling this journey myself - so this section is very much a work in progress.

There are a huge amount of resourses on line to help anyone wanting to use articles for marketing and I recently came across a great blog, Articles that Sell which provides comentary and links to great resources - you will find the more recent ones listed here - do go and have a quick look. RSS to JavaScript

Links and Resources

Ezine and Article Directories

Here you will find links to all the ezine directories I am either using or currently thinking of using, together with my comments on the sites. It will be updated regularly. There are also links to all the leading Ezine directories which I have not yet started to use, so more to come on those after my ezine is launched. There are also links to a number of other resources I have discovered and use that are essential to successful ezine and article promotion.

Importance of Keywords - Wrong Keywords Means No Traffic!

Keywords are essential to effective ezine article publicity, but what keywords? This excellent article by Leah West and the free ebook you can download, will help you find the right keywords for your articles.

As Featured On Ezine Articles If you are interested in publishing any articles written by Rikki Arundel please click on the star for details.