Ezine Article Links - The best directories we can find

This page provides links you will find useful if you are writing and publishing articles, or publishing your own ezine or newsletter to promote your business. From the links here you can get advice on writing articles, submit your articles to directories or ezines or identify ezines and prospective publishers who may be interested in publishing your material.

Where I have made a comment below the link, it is because I have used the service and have had some experience with it. However please remember this is just my opinion from my experiences. All the links here are sites I have researched and consider to be worth looking at.

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Article Directories

Broadly speaking article directory provide a resource were authors can submit articles to the directory where they are checked made available to Publishers who can search the directory and use any article provided they do not edit the article and they display the contents of the "Authors Resource Box". This essentially is a short biography with one or two life hypertext links.

Most Article directories have an approval procedure to make sure that the articles comply with their fairly broad guidelines, and those guidelines do vary from site to site. My experience with these sites is limited, but I am very actively posting one or two articles a week and hope to be able to report back some success in the New Year.


By far the biggest and busiest database with over 60,000 articles and 10,000 authors and they seem to be adding at least 1000 articles a day so it is a huge resource and easy to use. Authors and Publishers use the service for free.

Idea Marketers

Very colourful with lots of pictures of authors. They charge a small monthly fee to access the database with free access to this months articles, and they charge for better positioning as an author. Strong Christian emphasis means they have a pretty strict no sex policy. Helpfully shows how many times your article has been viewed

Article Alley

Nice clear and easy to follow site with quick response on approving articles. They provide the first 100 words with each article title which helps in understanding what it’s about but slows down the searching process. Another site that shows how many times your articles have been viewed

Content Articles

Rapidly growing site, also promotes a new article submission software package which I need to check out before I use. Mass submission software can work against you rather than for you. Only allows 500 characters for your resource box – so really makes you focus especially if you are using Html.

Article Stop

Another attractive site easy to use with quick approval time and seems to have a relatively large database. This site does not allow html formatting in the body of the article other than outgoing links – which should not be self serving.

Article Avenue

Looks a good site with nearly 700 authors, however they currently have over 1000 articles in the pipeline and tell me they are approving about 10 a day. Essentially there is a 4-5 month wait. Worth submitting because they have good content, but don’t hold your breath waiting for results.

Sticky Article

A very new directory with only a handful of authors and under 200 articles. There are lots of new ones forming but I like the look and feel of this one – and there is the advantage of not so much competition to balance against the lack of visitors.

Impact Articles

This is probably an indication of things to come – a much more specialised directory focusing on Business Marketing and Coaching – where the others cover everything – Seems to carry more specialised articles as a result of that.

Marketing Seek

Although it is an attractive and professional site with very high quality articles, I found this one a bit hard work to submit initially. They are currently limiting authors to a maximum of 2 articles per week, and do not allow any html, including live links in articles. They also have a paid membership level.

Article Time

Another relatively new site and one I have not yet used because they do not currently have publishers guidelines on the site. If you submit here you must add your copywrite at the bottom and a statement that the article cannot be published without full authors details.


Interesting site - minimalist in terms of text but very contemproary in design. They also have a database of articles though its not clear of they are offering them to publishers for reprint. However I am using it because it still get you on the web and improves search engine placement.


Professional looking site that also has an ezine and ebook directory. Articles must be of a marketing and business theme for this specialised directory. I am still awaiting approval. They restrict authors to 2 articles per month say they only select a few so we will see. I also can't see how to access the directory - which suggests that it's a new features and only the September articles are currently available.


This is a very good example of the way things are changing with article directories. Leadership-Tools is very focused on leadership so there is no point in submitting an article that does not fit the sites profile. However you may find that you can slightly tweek an article to fit.

Ezine Directories

I am in the process of submitting my ezine to directories at present and there is a huge variation in the quality services brovided by them. I will be listing here all the directories I have decided sumbit my ezine to.

At present I am not listing on paid sites simply because there are so many free sites I am not convinced there is value in the paid ones but I will keep that under review.

The value of these directories will be interesting to see and I will update this regularly. Hopefully some people will decide to sign up for my newsletter, or at least visit my site. I suspect that most of the users may be other authors and publishers so there may be some useful and interesting service exchange. Tips and resources for ezine publishing are in the next section.

New List

Part of the Email Universe group which includes EzineArticles and a huge free listing site for ezines. All listings a re approved which takes a few days, but its also a good resource for link exchanges and finding publishers for your articles.

Ezine Locater

This site has both a free listing and paid listing option and tries hard to sell the paid one. The free listing is limited to 6 months and there appear to be some good features if you do upgrade to the paid membership especially the ability to cycle your ezine back to the top or search lists each month.

Ezine Search

Big and very busy site and I had to look hard for the ezine submission link - It was right in the centre at the top but the writing is small and I missed it. If you click on "Subscribe-me Ezine directory" you get a huge list of directories I am now working my way through.

Ezine Listing

This ezine directory looks good but they require a reciprocal as a precondition for accepting your listing and refer subscribers to that listings page. You need make sure that your listings page provides a newsletter sign up form. I have linked the code into the description to avoid confusion with other directories.

Go Ezines

Good site which also provides plenty of free resources and tips to help get an ezine up and running. They require the reciprocal link shown below on your site which unfortunately does not open into a new window which I prefer.

Go Ezines - Ezine Directory - Find ezines, ezine trades, ezine advertising, articles, tips and advice about ezines at the Ezine Directory.

Ezine Hub

Good clear site graphically - one of the best for navigation and submission very easy to find your way around. They are also well stocked with free eBooks and articles on ezine publishing and writing.

The Ezine Directory

over 3000 ezines listed in this directory so lots of competition, but it is easy to use and that probably means lots of visitors. Takes a fews day for approval but I spotted a number of well known ezines listed which indicates a listing your should make.


Interesting site - minimalist in terms of text but very contemproary in design - the easiest of all to submit to and has an different look and feel to most others, starting with its name. They also have a database of articles though its not clear of they are offering them to publishers for reprint.


Comprehensive directory of eBooks, ezines and articles . The ezine directory is easy to submit to - with an optional paid upgrade to improve positioning in the directory and the verification email suggests the listing can take 8 weeks to be confirmed if you do not pay.

Subscribe-me Directory of Ezine directories

Yes - a directory of directories - and a last count there were 101 directories of ezines listed. I have not got very far but I will work my way through whilst also having a look at some services that promose to submit to them all.

Other Resources

Articles and Ezines - Tips and Advice

ON-LINE MARKETING RESOURCE CENTER... Profit Producing Tools For Internet Marketers

A great resource site for online marketing - but also the home of the Article Marketing Network so there is a strong focus on tools, tips and resources for article marketing.

Email Universe

This is Christopher Knights lead site and links to Ezine Articles and New List providing a huge tips and advice resource for writers and publishers. Definitely one to look at if you are seking help.

Avoiding the Spam Bins

Lyris Spam Content Checker

A problem for all Ezine producers are Spam Filters. As well as suggesting that your subscribers WhiteList your address, with this great free Content Checker from Lyris you can quickly check just how vulnerable to becoming Junk your ezine or article is.

HTML Tutorials

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

One thing I have discovered is that you really cannot hope to produce Articles and Ezines unless you have at least a basic understanding of HTML. This site is the best I have found. Starts with easy tutorials and lets you go as deep as you dare go.

HTML Goodies - HTML Primer

Another excellent introduction to HTML. I found this one a little difficult to navigate because there is no link to the next lesson from a previous one so you need to click back each time to come hack to the index.

KeyWord Research Tools

If you are looking for keywords for an article simply type a primary keyword in the box below and click and this tool will provide you with a varity of suggestions drawn from Wordtracker and Overture, and show you how frequently they have recently been searched.

How to generate an in depth keyword search with WordTracker

An excellent free ebook written by Leah West on how to use the WordTracker service effectively - highly recommended.

Overture Keyword Selector Tool

A very easy to use free service that is actually there for Yahoo's pay per click customers and as a reuslt they keep moving it around a bit. At present click on Visit the Resource Centre then look for the tools table on the right and click on Keyword Selector Tool