A Monthly Newsletter About
Small Business Marketing Strategies

The Speaking and Marketing Tips Newsletter investigates Small Business Marketing Strategies, that means topical marketing strategies that cost very little and achieve a great deal.

The Vision

Most of my subscribers are people I know. We have met at seminars, conferences, trade shows or networking both online and offline, so I tend to write the newsletter as if writing to a friend, in fact I get feedback from people saying, "Reading your newsletter is like having a one to one conversation with you."

A significant role for the newsletter is to enable me to keep in touch with the people in my network and to provide added value for people attending the seminars I have conducted. Of course I also hope that it will help facilitate my meeting those of you I have I have not yet met.

The Speaking and Marketing Tips Newsletter does not stand alone. It's part of a package or three, the web site, the newsletter and the blog.

  • The Web site is the central resource providing articles, commentary, links and products and services that have a close fit with the site aims.
  • Each Newsletter will highlight one marketing strategy in detail and link back to resources on the web site
  • The Blog is a daily column, my commentary on Small Business Marketing Strategies in action – the problems I and people I meet are facing today.
Between the three I hope to introduce you to a variety of low cost Small Business Marketing Strategies with enough information for you to put them into action immediately. This is particularly important because I work with a lot women in business, many of whom run micro businesses from a small office or home office with very limited budgets for marketing.

The Newsletter Content

I recently discovered that there are now over 300,000 ezines now, so trying to be different and stand out is pretty difficult. It's taken me almost a year of research and planning to come up with my approach and I have some great comments back already.

My aim is to focus each newsletter on a single marketing strategy and address it in some detail. In the first issue I looked at Using Articles to Promote your Business. As well as the articles in the newsletter, I simultaneously created additional resources such as recommended web links and additional articles for anyone wanting to get involved in a project immediately. Why not have a look at a back issue of the newsletter here and see what I mean ?

Speaking and Marketing Tips Back Issues

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How to Get Customers Queuing up to Buy

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The Newsletter Style

At present I am using a newsletter system that is part of the overall web site package but I am also reviewing other systems. Much depends on the feedback I receive from subscribers to the newsletter. If you have a moment please complete the short (10 question survey) which will help me to understand what content is most desired, and what style and format is preferred.

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What Small Business Marketing Strategies will be Addressed

I tend to favour a certain Small Business Marketing Strategies more than others. For example I am not a big fan of advertising. I have seen great examples of local businesses using advertising successfully – BUT I have seen far more lose money on short term campaigns that do not work.

On the other hand I am a BIG fan of using speaking to promote a Small Business and have used seminars, conference speeches, workshops, training programmes, networking meetings, trade show presentations, and in home demonstrations to achieve stunning sales results.

That said, in my experience 90% of people waste their time speaking because they don’t learn how to do it properly.

I also love technology and the internet, but the same problem exists here. Most web sites fail. They are seldom looked at and when they are, they do nothing to inspire customers to ever stay let alone buy. The rules for making a web site work are pretty much the same rules for any small business marketing strategy so I will be paying lots of attention to helping you use the internet to bring in customers.

And if you don’t have a web site – I can only assume that is because you had one that didn’t work or you don’t understand the internet and how to use it. Well this web site, newsletter, blog and the courses and ebooks I recommend will suit you well because you are definitely not alone – there will be no tekkie stuff here - well maybe a little, but I will explain it first.

Please do start by getting your free copy of How to get Customers Queuing up to Buy. It's easily worth $27, and provides all the basics on Marketing, Internet Marketing and Public Speaking.

You might wonder why would I give away something worth that much? Well you are going to discover that the most important objective of Small Business Marketing is to Get Attention and Be Remembered.

Giving away something worth $27 is a great way to get attention, and being able to provide you with ideas every month that cut costs and increases your sales is definitely going to make sure that you remember me.

How to Get Customers Queuing up to Buy

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