Internet Marketing Strategies to build a successful online business or support your offline business with web tools.

I have been using the internet to support my speaking business and advising small businesses on how to use technology and especialy Internet Marketing, since the early 90's - In fact not long after the web started. I even wrote a book for financial advisers in 1998 on how to use the internet and in those early days it was all pretty easy.

Now nearly 20 years later the internet has grown and become more competitive but at the same time there is a huge wealth of fantastic online tools and resources that are easy to master and increasingly essential for any business. I have personally used the internet to support an offline business, but increasingly I am working towards running a substantial portion of my business directly online.

This page and the connected pages on internet marketing will therefore be a reflection of the tools I am personally using. I won't be reviewing any services I am not actually using and in most instances they are services I have used for at least 10 years.As with all pages, if you want to comment or ask questions use the facebook comments section below.

Site Build It - Build an Online Business

I hope you checked out the video above - because this Internet marketing service is without doubt the best there is on the web especially if you have limited knowledge and skills and want to learn how to build an online business rather than just creating a web site.

If you try out Solo Build It you will probably get a bit of a shock when you realise just how much you need to learn - and I don't mean learning about HTML or CSS or PHP or Flash or... (they are all web programming languages which you will need to learn if you want to create a website). I learnt a little html and then decided I would prefer to use a service that allowed me to build a site by concentrating on the content, instead of the technical programming.

And that's really the issue. You can use Wordpress, or Joomla or Drupal and get great templates and plugins - and spend hours fixing problems if you want to. I have done a lot of that - but the real challenge for most people is the content.

Even if you employ a web designer - they will not write the content and if you look at so many business web sites you will find that they are bland. A few pages of PR puff telling the world how great they are and leaving the visitors to move quickly on to a site that actually contains content.

People are searching the internet for information - content - and they are not interested in sales and marketing bull. Using Solo Build It you will spend a couple of weeks working through a complete marketing strategy for your online presence and learn in the process how to reach people and get them, to visit your site and stay there.

But you will spend you rtime writing content - writing about something you are passionate about and every page you create will be optimised for search engines so that you will quickly find your page appearing in search results. Once you have traffic coming into youir site - you will learn how to monetize the site with a variety of tools to make you money.

But enough from me - why not go on over to the Solo Build It site and let them tell you - after all they are the experts in this and literally thousands of people have built successful businesses using their system. better still listen to some of the the hundreds of Solo Build It users telling you about their experiences and and go look at their web sites to see how they did it.

Just one final point - Solo Build It have just completed a $3.5 million upgrade which has made the service so easy to use you are going to be amazed - especially when you discover that you can try it out for 30 days at no cost.

First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

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As Featured On Ezine Articles If you are interested in publishing any articles written by Rikki Arundel please click on the star for details.

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